Night Lights and a possible new lead

I actually took this photo last semester for my advanced PJ beat blog project on patterns. The north campus parking deck might be (call me crazy) one of my favorite buildings on campus. Despite the fact I have this weird fear of parking decks, every time I’m in the deck or passing the deck I can’t help but get a little bit enamored by the patters, the lights, the repeating lines, and the interesting combination of colors all melded into the architecture. The building has a completely different look at night when it is all lit up and in continuing this project I will have many more picture of the north deck I’m sure.


As for a possible other lead for this semester long project.

This is my house:

And this is a house just down the street from me:

[insert picture of trailer off peter street here]

Athens is an interesting place in that there are students who are constantly moving in and out of residences in the same neighborhoods as people who have been in the community for years. I have been passing this trailer almost every day since I moved to my house on Peter Street, and I’ve been curious ever since. I’m still trying to figure out a way into the lives of the people in this trailer, but once I do and if they’re willing, I’d like to spend the rest of the semester documenting this family’s life. I want to find out how their life differs from the students also living in the neighborhood. How long have they lived there? Why do they live there? How has the neighborhood changed?

Getting access will be the first hurdle. But I really feel like this family could have a story worth sharing.

Night Owls

Last semester it was patters. This semester for my blog project, I’d like to focus on buildings, businesses, and people at night. There is something really intriguing about a building glowing from the inside out. Who keeps these places open and running? What kind of people frequent late night establishments? Some things, people, and places look much different under a veil of darkness.