Petit Le Mans Weekend

On October 2, 2010 I got the opportunity to shoot the American Le Man Series‘ Petit Le Mans in Braselton, Ga., with the rest of my photojournalism class. We were told to arrive at 7:30am, given credentials and photo vests, and sent on our merry ways to shoot fast cars with big glass. We saw some fast cars, lost some hearing, experienced some crazy fans, and almost got blown up by a rogue fire work (really, check out the video). We had full access to the race and to the knowledge of some incredible photographers and editors from around the south east. It was a unique and highly rewarding experience– I’m pleased with my images and I learned so much. So, uh, when’s the next race?

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UGA Students with disabilities

For my documentary project, I am trying to show the university through the eyes of students with disabilities. I sat down with two students, Allison Moder and Chance Veazey, and talked with each of them about what their college experience is like.

Moder, 20, is a sophomore from Norcross, Ga., and has been in a wheel chair since she was 3 years old. On adjusting and having a disability on campus: “everyone handles it differently” “it doesn’t really make a difference to me” “I make wheelchair jokes” “I’m very open about it, I like to talkabout it”

Veazey, 20, is a sophomore fron Tifton, Ga., and was paralyzed from the waist down last year after a scooter accident on campus. On coming back to baseball and campus after the accident: “Coming back for the first home game against Presbyterian last year I felt like I was reuniting with the team. I was coming back to my second family.” “I, and everyone else, thought it was going to be tough watching the baseball games. God has put a peace over me. He has made it easier to watch and be around the game. I can still do that.” “Still have my strength. Since I was a past athlete, my work ethic has really helped me adjust.” “It’s frustrating to get around, it takes more time than it would have. I have to learn patience.”

Photojournalist for a day

Thursday I spent the day at the Augusta Chronicle shadowing one of their staff photographers, Rainier Ehrhardt. After three assignments, lunch, squashed tomatoes, and a cup of coffee I was still not deterred with my decision to be a photojournalist when I grow up (despite Rainier’s efforts). It was a lot of taking pictures of someone taking pictures, but a great learning experience.

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I’ve no doubt dropped the ball on my blog, starting new habits is hard work. This is a catch up attempt as well as a get ready. Petit Le Mans was this past weekend and I’m looking forward to that post, but until I get my life together and get it up, check out my class’ story on, a few of the photos are ones I shot.

General News Assignment

Our first assignment past pictorials was to shoot a general news event. I went out to the Student Alumni Association’s 2010 G-Book kickoff.

The G-Book is the official traditions book of the University of Georgia and is published annually by the Student and the University Alumni Association. The event was held from 5-7 at the Brumby Beach on Campus. According to the Book’s facebook page: “From 1915 until the late 1940s, the G Book existed as a guide to students on all things Georgia. Men were actually required to carry the book in their front left pocket. The pages were filled with rules and regulations that all university students had to abide by. Also, it served as the main book for cheers and songs that established Georgia pride.”

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